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Multi-startup founder with daily delusions of wordsmithing. Find my work on:

Discover your product’s next artistic direction.

I have to confess… I’m an illustration junkie. Hours disappear when I’m swimming through the endless stream of talented artists that post online. The art form of illustration has become a mainstay of landing pages, getting more unique and colorful with each passing year. It provides customers a friendly introduction…

My curated list after 5 years with Vue

Image by Titus Decali

Today, I bring you a curated collection of knowledge to help you build Vue apps faster while making them more performant and easier to manage at scale.

Where do these advanced tips come from?

  • Five years of Vue.
  • 20+ large-scale, client projects built in Vue 2 and Vue 3.
  • Cherry-picked newsletter tips from influential Vue developers.


Work smart, not hard

Woman standing in a pink neon-walled room with black floors and ceiling
Photo by Tony Reid on Unsplash

The following list is a combination of lucky finds I made in the VS Code extension store, along with curated suggestions from my favorite development podcasts like Syntax, Full Stack Radio, and Views On Vue.

Version Lens

Update your package versions in one click.

More time saved is more work done

By Beeple

Missed my first five curated VS Code extensions? See them here.

1. Color Highlight

Who can remember all those HEX codes? Not me.

VS Code gives us a little color box for reference, but it’s not quite big enough to gauge the differences between similar colors. …

Statue of Sun-Sin Yi in Seoul. Photo by Mathew Schwartz, edited by Titus Decali

Forget fairness and learn the secret of the stoic warrior

There is a Korean proverb that goes…

“살고자 하면 죽을 것이요, 죽고자 하면 살 것이다” - Sun-sin Yi

or in English,

“If you want to live, you will die; if you want to die, you will live.”

I’ve heard this phrase over bottles of soju and pork belly dinners a…

Photo by Etienne Desclides on Unsplash

An embossed leather book holds our family tree. It doesn’t go back all that far, and most of the placeholders where names and photos should be are filled with the publisher’s default silhouette of a face. …

Interesting article, Luca. If I were to use this in a project (probably some kind of landing page with animated elements similar to your CodeSandbox example), I think I'd have it keep all the logic and data trigger inside the component itself and then have it $emit an event when triggered.

That way I could use multiple on the same page without muddying up my page data and keep everything a bit more tidy.

Nice work. I'll bookmark this for later use.

Learn from the best.

Classic car: Photo by Siebe Warmoeskerken on Unsplash
Photo by Siebe Warmoeskerken on Unsplash

Few designers are true craftsman, but those who are have much to teach us through their work. Let’s take a dive into five examples of truly perfect UX design.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is a utility-based CSS framework that is gaining massive popularity with developers. …

The ultimate automated workflow to localize apps of any size

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash, edited by Titus Decali


This article was featured on the Views on Vue podcast where I talked extensively about my journey into programming and how I use the below methodology to better localize projects.

Listen here:
Views on Vue: Episode 153

This is not your typical vue-i18n guide

It isn’t merely an installation how-to, it’s a tailored workflow crafted through many app localization projects that will make your…

With guides for each

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash, Edited by Titus Decali

As experienced developers know, sometimes using another person’s package to solve a feature of your app ends up costing you more time than it saves. Opinionated systems and a lack of edge-case solutions often bury us in a hole that makes us regret ever installing it in the first place.

Titus Decali

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