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Discover your product’s next artistic direction.

I have to confess… I’m an illustration junkie. Hours disappear when I’m swimming through the endless stream of talented artists that post online. The art form of illustration has become a mainstay of landing pages, getting more unique and colorful with each passing year. It provides customers a friendly introduction…

Statue of Sun-Sin Yi in Seoul. Photo by Mathew Schwartz, edited by Titus Decali

Forget fairness and learn the secret of the stoic warrior

There is a Korean proverb that goes…

“살고자 하면 죽을 것이요, 죽고자 하면 살 것이다” - Sun-sin Yi

or in English,

“If you want to live, you will die; if you want to die, you will live.”

I’ve heard this phrase over bottles of soju and pork belly dinners a…

Interesting article, Luca. If I were to use this in a project (probably some kind of landing page with animated elements similar to your CodeSandbox example), I think I'd have it keep all the logic and data trigger inside the component itself and then have it $emit an event when triggered.

That way I could use multiple on the same page without muddying up my page data and keep everything a bit more tidy.

Nice work. I'll bookmark this for later use.

The ultimate automated workflow to localize apps of any size

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash, edited by Titus Decali


This article was featured on the Views on Vue podcast where I talked extensively about my journey into programming and how I use the below methodology to better localize projects.

Listen here:
Views on Vue: Episode 153

This is not your typical vue-i18n guide

It isn’t merely an installation how-to, it’s a tailored workflow crafted through many app localization projects that will make your…

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